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High-Quality Construction and Highway Industry Products

Since 1977, Batey & Sanders Inc. has been a leading provider of state-of-the-art construction and highway industry products and services. We supply wear parts, wear metal and ground engaging tools for grading, paving, concrete contractors, mining companies and quarries throughout the United States and Canada. Our large inventory provides you with a convenient supply of parts for almost any earth-moving machine in the industry. We here at Batey & Sanders Inc. understand how critical it is to keep your machinery running in pristine condition and do everything in our power to rush order deliveries if necessary. Our staff will personally deliver your order and will happily assist you with any problems you may face. Part availability, prompt delivery, product knowledge and personal services are the four cornerstones at Batey & Sanders Inc.

Our Mission

The construction business is a fast-paced, high-demand business. When an earth-moving machine is down, due to a worn out or broken cutting edge, tooth, shank, etc., we understand exactly how detrimental that down-time is to the contractor. Batey & Sanders Inc. recognizes the needs of the contractor by providing quality parts, paving and draining products, at fair prices with incomparable customer service.

Highway Drainage Products

Highway drainage is an absolute priority to avoid damages to roadways and keep drivers safe. We are proud to say that we are the only stock dealer for ALDOT pre-approved Grates and Frames. These drainage inlets are galvanized welded steel and made to the ALDOT specifications. We are also an ALDOT approved miscellaneous structural steel vendor. We have a variety of highway drainage grates, including poured sloped paved headwall grates, squared and rectangle grates, curved vane grates and beehive grates. Contact us today for more information on how our products can assist with water management, maintaining the quality and durability of roadways and the safety for those driving on them.

Bucket Replacement Parts

Batey & Sanders Inc. supplies Black Cat and Esco bucket replacement parts that are manufactured using HighSpec Alloy steel and heat treated to exact specifications. Our knowledgeable staff will help you choose which style would be best for your needs and machine type. Call us now at 256-442-3491 to speak to our professional staff and for competitive prices!

DOT Highway Crash Cushions and Truck Attenuators

For over 37 years, we have been a recognized supplier in the highway safety industry. We believe and trust the products that we sell. Our truck attenuators are designed solely for protecting the lives of construction workers, and have proved to do just that. At Batey & Sanders Inc., we believe that truck attenuators are crucial for work zone safety. We also carry a variety of models that can installed as a permanent or temporary crash cushions. Rest assured that we only distribute the highest of quality products that have been tested and approved to meet the federal and state safety guidelines.

If you find yourself near one of our offices in Rainbow City, Alabama, or Carrollton, GA, come in and say hello! We love answering your questions and meeting with our customers. Thank you for your interest in Batey & Sanders Inc.

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