Corrugated Metal Pipe


CMP Pipe for Storm Sewers, Culverts, Small Bridges, and Stormwater Systems

HEL-COR helically corrugated metal pipe provides the power to withstand severe environmental conditions and burial depths associated with culverts, storm sewers, and stormwater detention systems.

HEL-COR service life exceeds 100 years with proper specification that meets all AASHTO and ASTM pipe specifications, and it can handle fill heights in excess of 100 feet.

A wide choice of coatings including galvanized steel, aluminized steel type 2 (ALT2), and polymer-coated steel are available to meet a variety of durability requirements. A variety of wall thicknesses (gages), corrugations, diameters, and pipe section lengths permit a choice of materials to meet specific job site requirements.

Standard fittings include tees, wyes, elbows, saddle branches, reducers and manifolds for detention systems. Manholes and catch basins can be fabricated to meet specific job requirements.

HEL-COR is manufactured with continuous locked seams with annular corrugated ends enabling the use of a variety of standard couplings including soil-tight HUGGER® Bands and QUICK STAB® Joints.

HEL-COR Pipe Features and Benefits

Long service life Exceeds 100-years with proper specification that meets all AASHTO and ASTM pipe specifications
Strength Can handle fill heights in excess of 100 feet
Versatile Available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes; diameters from 6 inches to 15 feet
Flexible Forgiving during the rigors of installation and allows for steep slope applications
Lightweight Easier and less expensive to install than concrete pipe

HEL-COR Pipe Coatings

  • Galvanized Steel - Pipe made from steel coated with zinc to extend service life. The most widely used and most economical metallic coating for corrugated steel pipe.
  • Aluminized Steel™ Type 2 - Pipe made from steel that has been hot-dipped in commercially pure aluminum; offers 75 years or more of maintenance free service life.
  • Polymer Coated - Pipe made from steel with a heavy-gage polymer coating; protects against abrasion and corrosion to provide at least 100 years of service life with a guaranteed 80-years “add-on” according to the 2012 Polymer Coated CSP Study performed by the NCSPA.
  • Asphalt Coated - Steel pipe coated with asphalt for prolonged service life; and can also be used to improve hydraulics.

HEL-COR Pipe Properties

  • Diameter range 12” – 144”
  • Wall thicknesses of 18, 16, 14, 12, 10 and 8 gage
  • Available with helical or annular corrugations
  • 1-1/2” x 1/4” and 2-2/3” x 1/2” corrugations for economical and efficient metal use in small diameters
  • 3” x 1” and 5” x 1” offer high sectional properties in large diameter pipe
  • Standards lengths are 20’- 40’

HEL-COR Pipe Shapes

  • Full Round - recommended for most applications
  • Pipe –Arch - low, wide pipe-arch design distributes the area horizontally to provide adequate capacity without raising the grade

HEL-COR Pipe Accessories

HEL-COR Pipe Applications

  • Culverts, canals, and ditch enclosures
  • Storm sewers
  • Stormwater detention and infiltration
  • Rehabilitating sanitary sewers, storm sewers, and small culverts
  • Wind turbine foundations and vertical shafts

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