ESCO style bucket teeth for backhoes, excavators, loaders, and skid steer buckets including:

  • ESCO Ultralok system is a two-piece, hammerless tooth system featuring an integrated locking device that increases safety, reduces inventory and simplifies replacement.
  • ESCO original Super V® tooth system.  Remains the leader in providing replacement points in shapes to match any application.
  • ESCO Helilok dredge points for rock dredging are designed with a trapezoidal bit cross section to maintain sharpness. Chisel and flared points are designed for sand and clay applications.
  • ESCO conical tooth system is built to withstand the friction and pressure for digging applications, providing a solution that will last. Teeth attach to your equipment using a pin and rubber-lock system that allows them to stay securely in place while protecting the integrity of your equipment. 

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