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TrafFix Devices

Batey & Sanders is a TrafFix Device dealer, supplying all your needed crash barrier devices, including the Big Sandy®, Scorpion Metro TMA, TL-3 Towable, Truck Mounted, SLED (both euro-terminal and mini)


PolyCarb Solutions (3M Alternative)

Pavement Markings

Long-life pavement marking solutions from POLY-CARB provide some of the most dependable day and nighttime visibility in the industry on both asphalt and concrete. Many long-life pavement marking installations have shown high nighttime reflectivity, even after heavy traffic and snow plows.

High Friction Surfacing System

SAFE-T-GRID is a single layer, flexible polymer-aggregate high friction surfacing system. The single-coat system adds increased skid resistance and roadway identification to help improve visibility and safety. It is more cost effective than concrete overlays and other competitive offerings. A second layer can be applied for added durability and for open-grade asphalt applications.

Bridge Deck Overlay Systems

Our co-polymer overlay system is twice as strong as concrete and impermeable to water and sodium chloride. Additionally, it maintains skid numbers above 50*, even after multiple years of service. This system can be customized to meet specific performance and budgetary requirements over varying climatic conditions.



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