Proven PVC Pipe for Sanitary and Storm Sewer Applications

A-2000 is a seamless profile wall PVC pipe extruded with a smooth interior and corrugated exterior. A-2000 provides excellent durability and resistance to abrasion and scour. It withstands corrosive attack from both acidic and alkaline soils and is unaffected by chemicals found in normal sewage. A-2000 has a proven track record in a variety of applications including sanitary sewers, storm sewers and subdrainage systems since 1984.

A-2000 is a cost-effective alternative to polypropylene, SDR35, ductile iron, RCP and glass fiber reinforced pipe products used in sanitary sewer applications.  A-2000’s superior strength, joint tightness, and overall quality have made it a standard in the industry.

Engineered for gravity flow applications in depths exceeding 30 feet, A-2000 should be specified whenever you consider using PVC sewer pipe.

A-2000 far exceeds the durability and service life of HDPE drainage pipe and provides material stiffness up to six times greater than HDPE. And unlike HDPE plastic drainage pipe, A-2000 has a minimum of 46 pipe stiffness for all diameters.

A-2000 is also more hydraulically effective than HDPE or concrete pipe, meaning A-2000 can be designed as a smaller and less expensive pipe.


A-2000 Features and Benefits


Manufactured from low fill, virgin PVC resin

100+ year design life, superior corrosion and abrasion resistance

Patented double-sealing gasketed joint

Watertight joints

Superior load capacity

Can be installed to depths of 30 feet or more

Manning’s “n” = 0.009

Superior hydraulics; can be designed as a smaller and less expensive pipe

Lightweight and available in  long lengths

Easier and less expensive to install

A-2000 Properties

  • A-2000 pipe is available in 4” – 36” diameters
  • Standard lengths are 12.5’, 14’, and 22’
  • Perforated A-2000 is available for subdrainage applications
  • Complete line of fittings are available for uniform quality and more efficient placement

A-2000 Joint Options

  • Patented double-sealing gasketed joint for watertight applications
  • Positive O-ring gasketed bell-spigot joints for fast, easy, economical installation

A-2000 Applications

  • Storm Sewers
  • Sanitary Sewers
  • Subdrainage Systems
  • Irrigation


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